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Frida hand painted wine bottles

Dimensions in inches per item: 12-13x4
Dimensions in cm per item: 30.5-33x10
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Frida hand painted wine bottles

Hand painted wine bottles collection inspired by our love to Frida Kahlo de Rivera, the Mexican artist who did self-portraits with bold and vibrant colors and is remembered by her authentic paintings, passion & activism. All the bottles are hand-painted with acrylic and have extreme detail to represent her unusual energy & expression. Each piece is one of a kind, perfect for a gift occasion or adding value to your home style.

  • Hand Painted Wine Bottles Collection
  • Made by Greek artist
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Dimensions may vary in each bottle (12-13 inches height)
  • Not to be used for consuming any liquid from the bottles
  • Available in 5 patterns


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Welcome to Thehomemind! A unique collective of home accent pieces ethically sourced with form, function and neutral design at their core to create welcoming spaces. The exquisitely hand-crafted Artwork is influenced by our passion for the Mediterranean coast.


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